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Fishing boat in stormy harbour the Craster Community Trust Website

It is aimed at members of the local community living in the civil parish of Craster and at those who might wish to visit the area. This is the web site of the Craster Community Trust. It is provided at no cost to the community thanks to the donations of local businesses, which cover the costs of hosting the site, and the work of volunteers who design and maintain the site.

In its own pages, the Trust hopes to:

* improve communications with members of the community
* take advantage of the opportunity presented by the site to help it be more accountable to the community
* promote its objectives as stated in its constitution

By making pages available, free of charge, to groups, clubs and organisations within the area it is hoped they will be able to secure the same advantages for themselves. They might consider publishing any of the following information:

1. Programme of activities
2. News and reports about events
3. Details of competitions and winners
4. Details of fund raising events and campaigns
5. Photographs
6. Office holders
7. Contact information
8. Agendas and minutes of meetings
9. Annual chair, secretary, treasurers reports
10. Accounts
11. The group’s constitution and aims
12. Links relevant to the group

Local businesses are invited to take advantage of the site, thereby benefitting the local economy. To help fund the modest costs of the site, they are asked to make a nominal contribution of £5 per annum. Any business wishing to be on the site should contact the site administrator using the contact link below.

If any organisation wishes to contribute material to the site, be assured that no special technical expertise is required. They should look at similar businesses already on the site to see the style of the site. If you already use a computer to create documents or a digital camera to take photographs then we will be able to use those files. For the technically minded, it is most helpful to submit text by email and any images as .jpg's. If your information is paper based, we will work with you to do what is necessary to get them online. Please get in touch to find out more or express an interest and we can discuss the way forward.

Note: Some documents are available to download from this site that are written in Microsoft Word. If you do not have this program, Word files can be read in Open Office Writer. This is free to download from...

Open Office


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