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May exhibition at the Craster Memorial Hall

Most Monday mornings the population of Craster grows as people from places as far away as Dunstan and Eglingham, Ashington and Alnwick and various other interesting places come in to the Craster Art Club.

This group has been going since 1999. We may not be many, but we are pretty various. We do have a waiting list because we need to limit the membership to twenty three because we like to give everybody a generous allowance of space for our exhibitions. These take place at the weekend of the early May and August Bank Holidays. Our craftily planned boards create an amazing amount of space to display our work, considering the size of the hall. We are always pleased when the Craster people come to see our work.

The paintings on display are just about as various in size, style and medium as it is possible to be. Mostly we learn from each other, but several times a year we invite a local artist to do a demonstration or hold a workshop, and these can be very inspiring.

Several of the group have had works exhibited in a number of venues in Northumberland and Durham and even further afield. Although we mostly have our own schedule of work, every now and then we will choose a theme for a ‘project’ and it is fascinating to see the different approaches and interpretations – again a learning experience.

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