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Act of Faith

The continuing story of Craster Methodist Church, of this little church erected as an act of faith on a windswept slope by the sea, and in which succeeding generations have heard pro­claimed the immensity of God's love and truth, His eternal pres­ence and grace, is likewise the story of a little God-fearing community past and present, named and unnamed, and its con­cern with things transcending the cares and confusion, the trials and vexations, of everyday life.

It's a friendly church, a happy church, under the care of the Rev. D. Noble Robinson, minister in charge of the Seahouses Circuit, with special family services held monthly, and visitors wel­come at all times. The Women's Fellowship, founded in 1960 - and what to be said of the wonderful work done for their chapel by its women members ! - meets on alternate Tuesdays; a mixed Fellowship on alternate Wednesdays during the winter.

So to the future. With a current strength of 53 enrolled members, little community maybe - but staunch, holding fast, a community imbued with the same sturdy faith as that of those Methodist forebears which, a century later, perpetuated down the years, demonstrably lives on.

The first 100 years of their church's ministry ended, Craster Methodists, with His blessing and guidance, go forward expectantly to the next.

'100 Years On'

The Centenary Story

Old Craster

Decision to Build

Stone Laying

First Wedding

60 Years Organist


Childhood Memories

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Act of Faith

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