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Craster Methodist Chapel
St Peter the Fisherman C of E Church
St Aidan's & St Paul's


Seahouses Circuit Ministers 1880 to 1980

Rev. Robert Gillender (1880-81)

Rev. Joseph Harding (1882-83)

Rev. William Robson (1883-89)

Rev. William Holland (1889-91)

Rev. Joseph Burton (1891-95)

Rev. George Clark (1895-99)

Rev. George Ayre (1899-1903)

Rev. Ernest Lucas (1903-05)

Rev. John Charlton (1905-10)

Rev. John A. Snaith (1910-16)

Rev. James Clark (1916-23)

Rev. Thomas H. Berryman (1923-30)

Rev. B. William J. Redhead (1930-33)

Rev. William V. Harper (1933-38)

Rev. Roland Hind (1938-40)

Rev. Stanley E. Buckley (1940-46)

Rev. Edgar G. Kendrick (1946)

Rev. J. Victor Staton (1946-52)

Rev. J. Brazier Green (1952-55)

Rev. James P. Ellis (1955-60)

Rev. Edgar G. Kendrick (1960-65)

Rev. Kenneth Alton (1965-70)

Rev. Arthur Temple (1970-73)

Rev. J. Bryan Ewin (1973-78)

Rev. A. Wesley Crocker (1978-79)

Rev. D. Noble Robinson (1979- )

'100 Years On'

The Centenary Story

Old Craster

Decision to Build

Stone Laying

First Wedding

60 Years Organist


Childhood Memories

Exit Oil Lamps

Last Trustees

Act of Faith

Seahouses Circuit Ministers
1880 to 1980

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